Minew Receives 2023 IoT Security Excellence Award

Minew today is proud to share good news with the IoT industry: Minew MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway has been honored with the 2023 IoT Evolution IoT Security Excellence Award, presented by IoT Evolution World.

MINEW Receives 2023 IoT Security Excellence Award

The IoT Security Excellence Award recognizes outstanding contributions to IoT security and innovation. Minew MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway stands out as an excellence in a highly competitive field, showcasing its commitment to providing robust and secure IoT hardware solutions.

“We are honored to receive the 2023 IoT Security Excellence Award,” said Eason, Product Manager at Minew. “This award validates our devotion to delivering innovative IoT services that prioritize security, efficiency, and dependability.” The MG5 Outdoor Mobile Gateway demonstrates our resolve to innovation and quality in the IoT industry.”

The award not only celebrates Minew’s achievements but also highlights the significance of the MG5 Outdoor Mobile Gateway’s capabilities in enhancing IoT monitoring and connectivity. Minew is excited to continue our journey of innovation and excellence in IoT hardware solutions. Our commitment to developing advanced, secure, and reliable products remains unwavering.

About the MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway

MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway is an ongoing companion to assets across the supply chain, gathering Bluetooth data and uploading it to the cloud in real-time. Based on Bluetooth technology, LTE-M & NB-IoT communications, and GPS monitoring, it turns vehicle actions into practical data for your solutions to increase your business and even revolutionize supply chain management.

MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway

For more information about the award-winning MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway, visit MG5’s page.

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