XPPen Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2) review

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The XPPen Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2) is an excellent drawing tablet for hobbyists and early career professionals alike. It features an expansive, responsive screen, with a 2.5K resolution and precise brightness control to best match your environment, alongside the sleek accessories and streamlined functionality to let you jump into the creative act with little difficulty – subtly improving both the looks and the function of the first-gen Artist Pro 16.

The revamped stylus is the main event here, boasting an unmatched 16,000 pressure levels for markings that are precisely controlled by your touch; it doesn’t feel much different from the 8,092 levels seen in other leading tablets and may be similar to the 8K or 16K resolution in a high-end TV, which sounds advanced but is barely noticeable. Either way, it’s good to know the finer motions of your hand are being catered to, and the Artist Pro 16 is currently leading the market on this feature.

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