Webshare Evaluation & Top 9 Alternatives in 2023

Businesses rely on proxy services as a navigational tool in conducting market research, competitive analysis, or analyze online presence. Webshare emerges as a notable provider offering a spectrum of proxy solutions to cater to varied user needs. However, certain downsides as expressed in user reviews could lead businesses to consider other options.

This article provides a thorough evaluation of Webshare’s offerings, underscoring its key features, advantages, and drawbacks. Additionally, we list the top alternative proxy providers to Webshare, aiming to assist businesses in finding a proxy solution that aligns well with their requirements.

Top 9 alternative proxy providers to Webshare

Vendors Reviews Ratings* Employee size Residential starting price/GB/mo** Free trial Pay as you go Proxy Types
Bright Data 826 4.7/5 828 $7.35 4
Smartproxy 1,039 4.6/5 125 $8.50 ✅**** 4
Oxylabs 444 4.7/5 327 $10 4
ASocks 545 4.9/5 Not provided $3 4
Infatica 59 4.7/5 12 N/A ✖️ 3
IPRoyal 1,020 4.3/5 48 $7 ✅*** 4
NetNut 58 4.6/5 56 $5 ✖️ 4
ProxyRack 224 4.3/5 Not provided N/A ✖️ 3
SOAX 170 4.7/5 64 N/A ✖️ ✖️ 3
Webshare 516 4.8/5 8 $7 3

Check out Webshare alternatives deep dive for top providers , such as Bright Data, SmartProxy  and IPRoyal.

The list is sorted alphabetically with the exception of the products of the article’s sponsors which are linked to sponsor websites.

Number of reviews are based on the total reviews on software review platforms and services such as G2 and Capterra.

* Based on the average ratings on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra.

** Prices are based on the smallest package and can accelerate when new features added.

*** IPRoyal and Bright Data offer a free trial only for company registrations.

**** SmartProxy offers pay as you go feature only for residential and mobile proxies.

Note: Webshare, unlike larger proxy services, is not reviewed on B2B review platforms as of November 2023. Therefore, we relied on their reviews on a B2C review platforms (i.e. Trustpilot).

Explained table features

Webshare: Residential, Datacenter, ISP

Bright Data: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, ISP

Smartproxy: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, ISP

Oxylabs: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

NetNut: Static Residential, Rotating Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

ASocks: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, ISP

Infatica: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

IPRoyal: Static Residential, Rotating Residential, Datacenter, and Mobile 

ProxyRack: Rotating Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

SOAX:  Residential, Mobile and Datacenter

To learn more, check out our in-depth guide on different proxy types.

Vendor selection criteria

As there are various vendors providing proxy services in the market, we used transparent criteria to ensure objective evaluation of the proxy itself. Our focus was on metrics that are both public and can be easily validated either through the proxy vendors’ official websites or trusted third-party platforms. Thus, we centered our focus on companies with:

  • 50+ reviews on B2B software review platforms such as Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra. 
  • At least 4.3 out of 5 star ratings

Webshare’s proxy services evaluation

Webshare is a proxy service provider offering a variety of proxy solutions including datacenter and residential proxies. It provides a user-friendly interface and a well-documented RESTful API, which supports backward compatibility to ensure seamless integration with various applications.

Key features

  • Webshare offers freemium datacenter proxies and free shared proxies up to 1GB/month, allowing users to access certain services for free​.
  • Provides 10 free private proxies for all their customers to test and utilize the services
  • Proxy servers are available from 50+ countries.
  • Offers counter detection methods including DNS leaks, TCP fingerprints, and open port scans.
  • The proxies provided come with two-way authentication ensuring a secure connection
  • Webshare’s API adheres to the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture, ensuring a consistent and predictable structure for developers. It is designed to provide resource-oriented URLs, accept JSON-encoded request bodies, return JSON-encoded responses, and utilize standard HTTP response codes, authentication methods, and verbs.
  • The API allows for the retrieval of proxy lists in two modes: direct and backbone, each having a slightly different data structure but retaining the same proxy data. This might be useful in scenarios where data sharing or management is required.

Note: Unlike other proxy providers, Webshare proxy servers have fewer reviews on B2B platforms, which led us to rely on B2C software review platforms to list the product’s pros and cons.

Webshare Proxy Servers pricing & packages overview

Proxy Types IP Pool Smallest package/month Largest package/month
Datacenter 100K+ $2.99/100 proxy $1794/100,000 proxy
ISP 100K+ $6/20 proxy $2250/10,000 proxy
Residential 30M+ $7/GB $4500/1,000 GB


  • Users state that Webshare’s proxy services are affordable.1
  • Users value the user-friendly and customizable dashboard interface provided by Webshare, as well as its detailed documentation (see figure below).

Source: G22

  • Users commend the stability of proxies and value the flexibility in selecting subnets and countries (see figure below).
C2sx34 zp0oDVOOnzUM5lxQXGKUlSKQ11dqo GAnAhlJoTJZugMY5qoGmcUNCEi5FYizTV7N xHLYK7BBW8DoceCD9UuivFq8sjcQEOoUYLi89xuKo5cxY1736GLqa4W TriMjb7oqUJqqkO654seUs

Source: G23


  • Users complain about the technical support which is accessible only via email, which can be problematic when immediate assistance is required.4
  • Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Webshare’s refund policies, citing that they are charged for unused days (see figure below).
9u2OWn55lXtH0I4lGXTVwBoYKha9Sz2 xejYXfHy5DKQubw04stOJfPKIqpyPzBWl98zHl0GCwep4ccLck8b U9ux5yVCggGqYJr3XQL0Vgc8dYNm kNbX0xNwMOxf09C9Aq0 zfwuO3OXqH6JycIoQ

Source: TrustPilot5

  • Customers caution that a significant portion (80%) of the proxies are blacklisted, hindering operational effectiveness, and note that most of the proxies are not residential (see figure below).
dO5HcAO1lnaSSTBDQvVTkJKgduuHSJC3wecs24eGAOM9EC4lFyRLv0i LF5OagNW7S6N5tUOYaLtYmwUAb9jI0yyGCS832Sy7OfsQ8YIiBvzaSgRVkg95lnk4fm0PazfmF6pPodWWtC uXi7Az5d8OU

Source: TrustPilot6

  • Some customers report that the quality of their proxies is poor (see figure below).
EtYsdW96wZEk7VnPrlJMKQk4eP6WZqJEChhBVKkizfdRo7tBbgvZvmInFamkdciWG7oY89cvo4u9AQPaE9pxumBKtjhYmC9FRlkn0Fj8k7WJJb gG7fJ07lz1QYjfiKGcxzZg1NDy 4oeRrlwQkkq64

Source: TrustPilot7

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