VickyBoard review: a very polarizing mechanical keyboard

VickyBoard: Two-minute review

The VickyBoard – V-Split Ergonomic RGB gaming keyboard is most likely the most 90s keyboard I have ever laid eyes on. It could and probably will be considered ugly by some but I truly love the aesthetic – it’s so uniquely bright and colorful and has that delightful clear look that was all the rage in the 90s. Mine has a clear neon green form factor with orange and black keycaps and I adore how gaudy it sits on my home office desk – I’d imagine it would look even more out of place at my work office. And when I turn on the backlight, it’s even gaudier.

Other than aesthetics, the VickyBoard is designed much differently than the best keyboards and the best mechanical keyboards. The ‘V-Split’ in its name refers to how the board is formatted, which is bent in a small V. It’s meant to fit the natural placement of your hands when you rest them on your keyboard, similar to the wave shape of the Logitech Wave Keys.

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