The Lincoln Lawyer season 3: everything we know so far

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3: key information

– Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet
– SAG-AFTRA strike likely to delay production if the show is renewed
– Unsurprisingly, no trailer has been released so far
– Key cast members likely to return
– Season 2’s shock ending sets up the third season’s potential plot
– Likely to draw from The Gods of Guilt, the fifth entry in The Lincoln Lawyer book series
– Unclear is future seasons will arrive after a potential third one is greenlit

Is The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 happening at Netflix? Right now, we’re unsure. The hit legal drama’s second season only ended on August 3 – that’s when its second part aired, anyway – but we’re confident it’ll be renewed for another outing.

Why do we say that? Because The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best Netflix shows around. We’re also keen to see more of Mickey Haller and company in the future and, considering there are seven novels in Michael Connelly’s book series of the same name (which the TV series is based on), there’s plenty more ground to cover.

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