The best early Black Friday deals for 2023

November 24 might be a few days away yet, but that hasn’t stopped swathes of the industry from posting their deals early. Engadget’s crack team of . That includes hefty bits of cash knocked off the price of a new Mac Mini M2, iPad, Meta Quest and Apple Watch. Even better, you can pick up a pair of Sony XM5s, long regarded as the best in their class, for just $328. Well, you can. Your humble narrator is in the UK, so is ineligible to grab any of these utterly sweet early deals.

— Dan Cooper

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The biggest stories you might have missed

Officials want to know if the rumors are true.

The Problem with Jon Stewart was, in theory, the ideal vehicle for the combative former Daily Show host. A well-heeled venture where Stewart could go deep on tough political topics, backed by a megacorporation too rich to be cowed by advertiser pressure. Except, . Now, a bipartisan group from the House of Representatives is querying what happened and why.

Radio Flyer has updated the model to meet (checks notes) basic safety standards.

Promotional image of a Cyberquad for kids.

Radio Flyer / Tesla

Radio Flyer has announced its . It launched back in 2021, only for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall it for not meeting safety standards. Now, it’s back for $1,900, plus the cost of a helmet and some knee and elbow pads (not included).

They look beautiful.

Promotional image for the Analogue Pocket Color in a variety of Game Boy-aping shades.


The Game Boy-aping Analogue Pocket will to give us all some retro-gaming feels. Given they’re limited editions, and Analogue units sell out pretty quick, you’d better have your fingers ready when pre-orders open on November 17.

Gorgeous, expensive and… not as good as its cheaper rivals.

Image of the Master and Dynamic MW09 on a wooden tabletop in front of some books, and with a red notebook and a black pen in the foreground.

Photo by Billy Steele / Engadget

Master & Dynamic hasn’t quite become a dominant, class-topping force in the world of true wireless earbuds. Its latest entry, the . Sadly, while it’s an improvement on previous offerings, it’s still not good enough to whip better, more affordable products into shape.

Yes, it does remind us of Westworld.

Image of two all-in-one 3D-printed robotic hands, one holding a marker pen, the other gripping an empty clear plastic water bottle. Both are stood on plinths in front of a dark grey background.

ETH Zurich / Thomas Buchner

A significant development in 3D printing technology may have far-reaching implications for the future of medical prostheses and soft robots. Researchers . The technique offers more durability and flexibility, making it the ideal basis for complex prostheses.

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