Synology BeeDrive review: Pocketable storage with a twist

Synology BeeDrive: Two-minute review

In a world of commoditized personal storage, Synology’s BeeDrive portable SSD offers something new. When plugging the device into a PC (USB-C cable and USB-A adapter are included), it acts like traditional USB storage, but Synology’s BeeDrive online installer app appears and lets you pair the device to your PC by signing into your Synology account. You’re then presented with three options: Computer Backup, File Sync and Mobile Transfer.

The former acts as expected and can automatically backup files simply by plugging it into your computer (accidentally deleted files and five previous versions can also be preserved). File Sync (one-way or two-way) is designed to ensure you have the latest versions of each file on all your PCs – it’s been designed with an eye on hybrid workers who operate both at home and from an office. I’ve seen many similar hardware-app combos before, but the third is where Synology is focusing its attention.

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