Surtex launches Infinex surgical instrument series at MEDICA

Surgical instrument manufacturer, Surtex Instruments has launched its “Infinex” series at MEDICA 2023 for microsurgery instruments crafted to empower surgeons with unprecedented control and precision, even in the most complex surgical scenarios.

Engineered in Germany, the Infinex series represents a paradigm shift in microsurgery technology, emphasising unparalleled precision to ensure superior surgical outcomes, reduced patient trauma, and faster recovery periods. 

Under brand names, Magna and Maestro, the product line is designed to showcase the pinnacle of surgical artistry and innovation. 

Among the ground-breaking offerings is the Infinex Magna range, which introduces a revolutionary touch with its diamond-dusted jaws on microsurgery forceps and needle holders. The range offers surgeons enhanced grip, stability, and control while also extending instrument durability in surgical environments.

Embodying surgical excellence, the Infinex Maestro series boasts precision-crafted micro scissors, forceps, and needle holders that exemplify Surtex’s commitment to flawless performance and unparalleled patient outcomes. Marrying traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, the Maestro series sets a new industry gold standard.

At this year’s show, the company will also showcase the ground-breaking Infinex Onyx, a harmonious blend of the best features of both Maestro and Magna, further coated with DLC to epitomise sophistication in surgical instruments.

Zak Khaliq: “We are thrilled to announce that MEDICA will serve as the global stage for the unveiling of our signature “Infinex” series of microsurgery instruments. Surtex Instruments has always been at the forefront of transcending industry standards, and with the Infinex series, we are setting unparalleled benchmarks in quality, precision, and innovation. We invite the global medical community and leading surgeons worldwide to witness the future of microsurgery at MEDICA, where we promise not just precision but a guarantee of surgical mastery.”

Aligned with their mission to provide exceptional quality in surgical instruments, Surtex Instruments has continuously prioritised improved surgical outcomes and enhanced patient experiences. Their pioneering instruments are a perfect fusion of design and function, ensuring surgeons are equipped with tools that are both precise and reliable. 

The new premium line of Infinex Microsurgery Instruments has been designed to meet the highest standards of quality and precision. These instruments redefine reliability, providing surgeons with an unparalleled toolset tailored to the demands of microsurgery.

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