Samsung Portable SSD T5 Evo (8TB) review

Samsung T5 Evo: One-minute review

Samsung T5 Evo portable SSD during our tests

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung T5 Evo 8TB portable SSD is the first of its kind, a storage device that has been designed from ground up to support this capacity – and potentially more in the future. It is very well designed – a clever mix of metal and rubber – especially with the integrated carry handle (Samsung calls it a ring) that makes it instantly likable.

It feels modern compared to its direct competition, eschewing the flat Kit-Kat shape design adopted by other players like Vectotech, Oyen Digital or Glyph, a legacy from the days of 2.5-inch SSDs. I like its long Type-C cable, the Samsung’s Magician SSD management software (with hardware encryption) and its three-year warranty but that’s where the good bit ends. This is a slow portable SSD and is especially poor value at the lower capacities (2TB and 4TB) with Samsung’s own T series, SanDisk and many others delivering far, far better value for money.

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