Saatva RX mattress review: Soothe your sore back in total opulence

Saatva RX mattress: Two-minute review

My first thought when I saw the Saatva RX mattress was, “Wow, this sounds like a mattress made just for me!” Well, people like me, anyway. This luxury innerspring hybrid is designed for sleepers who have chronic back or joint issues. I have mild scoliosis and for the last several years I’ve struggled with recurring lower back pain. In other words: I fit well within the RX’s target demographic.

Saatva produces what’s regarded as the best mattress in the country, the Saatva Classic. The Saatva RX is very similar in construction to the Classic, but uses more materials and therefore comes at a much higher cost. A queen retails for $3,295, which is a lot to spend for a mattress, even one as luxe and comfy as this one claims to be. Is it worth the cost? I slept on a Saatva RX mattress for one month to find out

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