Roundup: Indonesia considers getting Elon Musk’s satellite internet for puskesmas and more briefs

Indonesia explores Starlink partnership for community health centres

Indonesian Health Minister Budi G. Sadikin recently met with billionaire Elon Musk to explore a potential collaboration to deliver internet access to puskesmas, or community health centres in the country’s underserved areas.

“Puskesmas as the front line for creating a healthy community must have adequate infrastructure,” the minister said during his working visit to the United States.

Out of more than 10,000 Puskesmas, about 2,200 units still do not have internet access. ”With internet access, we can conduct health service consultations, as well as the remote training of health workers, online,” Minister Sadikin said. 

Musk owns SpaceX, a spaceflight company that developed the satellite internet constellation Starlink, which provides low-cost internet to remote locations.

South Korean rural county deploys doll-shaped robots for solo-living seniors 

A rural county in South Korea’s eastern province has conducted a trial of doll-shaped robotic companions for solo-living senior people. 

Dubbed Sunshine, the robot developed by local startup Hyodol builds emotional intimacy with its user while having the ability to monitor their conditions. 

It has a notification service that can be personalised, for instance, to alert the user to take their medicine or to wake up. The robot can directly alert the user’s carer or family in case of an emergency. Moreover, it can provide quizzes and play music. 

Following its trial involving 15 selected senior individuals, Cheongsong County plans to later expand the Sunshine robot deployment to more solo-living seniors. Its population is currently made up of 41% people aged 65 and above. 

Last year, Sunshine was also adopted to assist aged care residents with mild dementia at a public health centre in Yeoncheon, a county in the Gyeonggi Province, just north of Seoul. 

Redcliffe Labs adopts Abbott’s AlinIQ big data CDS tool

Redcliffe Labs is rolling out a newly launched big data CDS tool by Abbott.

Based on a press statement, it has become the first diagnostic service provider in India to adopt the AlinIQ, a CDS tool that harnesses big data and AI to automatically deliver easy-to-interpret insights and recommendations to clinicians.

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