Roche partners with Ibex and AWS for cancer diagnosis support tools

Roche has announced collaborations with Ibex Medical Analytics and Amazon Web Services, enabling pathology laboratories to access Ibex’s AI-powered decision support tools for breast and prostate cancer diagnosis through the navify Digital Pathology software platform.

Digital pathology refers to the digitalisation of the traditional pathology workflow starting from slide scanning to visualisation to analysis. Digital pathology is transforming traditional histopathology by improving efficiency, depth of analysis, and providing an opportunity for collaboration in pathology workflows. The integrated artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools can be applied to help enhance clinical decision support, improve productivity, and shorten turnaround time in pathology laboratories.

Michael Rivers, lifecycle leader for Roche Digital Pathology, said: “This exciting collaboration brings powerful AI solutions to pathology labs. Using the navify Digital Pathology platform pathologists can securely access third-party AI-powered technology alongside Roche’s growing menu of AI-based image analysis tools in an efficient clinical workflow.”

Ibex’s AI algorithms help clinicians in the diagnosis of breast and prostate biopsies and provide efficient, accurate and timely cancer diagnosis, support case prioritisation, determine the cancer grading and subtype, and identify important non-cancerous features. All diagnosis information is displayed seamlessly in the navify Digital Pathology solution.

The Ibex algorithms are used at laboratories and hospitals worldwide, and help clinicians improve patient care as demonstrated by multiple clinical studies performed in the United States and Europe. These algorithms are currently for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures, in the United States, and CE-marked for IVD use in Europe for breast and prostate cancer detection in multiple workflows.

Joseph Mossel, CEO and co-founder of Ibex Medical Analytics, said: “Our collaboration with Roche is driving new AI-powered workflows that help pathologists and laboratories realise the full potential of going digital. The next phase in the evolution of digital pathology is open platforms that enable technology providers to join forces and offer integrated software solutions that improve lab efficiency, biopsy review and ultimately the quality of patient care.”

Roche’s solution and Ibex’s algorithms operate on Amazon Web Services.

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