Qure.ai and xWave Technologies announce strategic collaboration

A strategic partnership has been announced between Qure.ai and xWave Technologies, which will help support overworked radiology teams to order and report on the right diagnostic test, the first time.

Medical artificial intelligence (AI) provider, Qure.ai will work with xWave Technologies, on its cloud-based clinical decision support (CDS) system for radiology referrals. The tools can be used by clinical referrers to help guide them to order the best test for patients. This helps ensure patients get a diagnosis as early as possible, helps to tackle radiology waiting lists and reduces clinician burnout.

The strategic collaboration between the two companies will now focus on enhancing market access, co-developing the product, and integration in order to identify opportunities to deliver advanced healthcare solutions globally in a bid to address critical healthcare challenges.

Darren Stephens, senior vice-president and commercial head, UK and Europe, Qure.ai said, “Together, Qure and xWave can create patient-centric efficiencies in the radiology pathway. By dovetailing clinical decision support with AI in imaging, clinicians will be further supported.

“Patients will gain quicker results and imaging departments will see reduced demand for unnecessary diagnostic appointments. This will help to slow the growth of waiting lists, particularly in the NHS. Ordering the right test, first time, along with the efficiency gains of AI, will provide hospitals with powerful support when looking ahead to winter healthcare pressures.”

xWave’s Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system was developed in partnership with the European Society of Radiology (iGuide) and the Royal College of Radiologists (iRefer).

Mitchell O’Gorman, chief executive officer, xWave Technologies, said, “When we started xWave in 2020, one of the first organisations that we reached out to was Qure.ai. We were struck by the brilliance of its AI technology, the impact it was already delivering across the world and the clear fit between its offering and ours.

“The xWave team is now looking forward to working closely with Qure.ai to co-develop innovative diagnostic solutions that aim to solve global health problems at scale.”

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