Oxford Health goes live with Access Rio EPR in just eight weeks

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with the Access Rio electronic patient record (EPR) in just eight weeks.

The trust opted to work with Access based on the successful rollout of Rio at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, a former Global Digital Exemplar, acknowledging that it could be implemented efficiently using the same configuration settings, with the added benefit of convergence across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care System (ICS).

Access Rio, a leading EPR for secondary care designed to operate across mental health, community care and child health settings, provides 2,500 users at Oxford Health with secure access to up-to-date patient records in one place, which is proven to improve quality of care, clinical safety and patient experience.

A key benefit of Rio is its ability to manage both administrative and clinical processes, as well as its ability to be tailored to an organisation’s specific needs. It also provides patients with the tools to access their medical information directly, empowering them to self-manage their health and care.

Another advantage of the EPR, which also went live at Somerset County Council back in March, is its ability to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, supporting the trust in its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark Hancock, chief clinical information officer at Oxford Health, said: “We are very much at the beginning of our journey with Access, but working with them has been very effective.

“They have provided training and ongoing support throughout the implementation process, and the invaluable support from neighbouring trust, Berkshire, meant that the implementation could be expedited, and a fully functioning clinical system was delivered in a matter of weeks.

“Now that the Rio system has been launched successfully across our mental health services, we are focusing on the optimisation phase and working on the delivery of a programme of work that will enhance existing Rio functionality, including roll-out of additional system modules, development of assessment forms, dashboards, and interfaces with various internal and external clinical systems.”

During the implementation, Oxford Health worked closely with Access to implement Rio’s core functionality ahead of future phased deployments. Access provided support by conducting virtual floor-walking exercises – open, day-long meetings on Microsoft Teams – that allowed system users to drop in to get help with any problems they may have been experiencing.

Access is now supporting Oxford Health’s implementation team to migrate historic data, enable the full functionality of Rio EPR, including bespoke assessment forms, and enhance interoperability with other clinical and operational systems used by the trust.

Steve Wightman, commercial director at Access HSC, said: “We take pride in our partnership with Oxford Health, and the seamless implementation of Rio.

“With Access Rio, staff can provide a better, safer, patient-centred service, and individuals can expect consistent and effective care, improved outcomes, and a comprehensive view of their health.

“As we continue to work with the trust, and adapt Rio to meet the trust’s specific needs, the benefits will be even greater, and we are looking forward to helping the trust make cost and efficiency savings, while facilitating safer, patient-centred care.”

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