Oakywood Custom Standing Desk Review

Oakywood has been in the game for best standing desk and desk accessories for some time now. They have iconic accessories such as Magsafe chargers, desk shelves, laptop stands, etc. With a website redesign and branding update, Oakywood has released its 3D Configurator for its four flagship products; the Standing Desk, the Classic Desk, the Desk Shelf, and the Felt & Cork Desk Mat. An excellent desk with all the elements that make it great is now completely customizable in size and (some) features to curate exactly what you need in your workspace.

When I discovered this was an option, I knew I had to work on designing my very own Oakywood custom desk to be my studio imaging and testing space. I have a weird narrow wall between an opening to a larger room and a door I want to use for this purpose, but I have just found a desk to fit it perfectly… now.

3D Configurator

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