Netflix’s new 3 Body Problem trailer reveals a delay to March 2024

Netflix’s new prestige sci-fi show is delayed until March 22, 2024. 3 Body Problem was originally scheduled to debut in 2023, before being pushed back to January 2024, and now March. Just as the initial delay was accompanied by a teaser trailer, so too is this one:

3 Body Problem is being adapted by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (who created HBO’s Game of Thrones) alongside screenwriter Alexander Woo. The new trailer gives us our first look at the series’ key “video game,” Three-Body, which involves a nebulous and extremely shiny VR headset. According to John Bradley’s character Jack Rooney, the headset has “no screen… no headphone jack… not even a charging port.” Donning the headset transports Rooney to a hyper-realistic world, before he’s swiftly ejected and the trailer ends.

The show’s source material is The Three-Body Problem, the first novel in Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past series. Originally released in the mid ’00s in China, it gained international recognition and a Hugo award when Tor Books published an English-language translation in 2014. Netflix’s ill-grammared take on the book was announced in 2020, and stars Benedict Wong, Eiza González and several Game of Thrones alums including Jonathan Pryce and the aforementioned Bradley.

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