Navigating the Evolving Healthcare Cloudscape with a Multicloud-by-Design Strategy

Many healthcare organizations rely on a range of vendor platforms, encompassing both private and public cloud providers, to meet their IT requirements. Because healthcare organizations are composed of different lines of businesses with diverse needs, the array of solutions and providers can grow to a seemingly unmanageable mix.

“Many organizations wind up in a multicloud-by-default scenario. Yes, the organizations have attained a certain degree of multicloud capability, but it often isn’t the result of a fully calculated plan to get there,” says Michael Fredericks, global APEX and multicloud healthcare lead for Dell Global Industries. “Rather, what we advocate for is a multicloud-by-design strategy.”

Creating an intentional multicloud strategy and architecture helps organizations minimize complexity and cost while maximizing efficiency and flexibility.

“When a healthcare organization steps back and decides to work with a trusted partner like Dell Technologies, we can often show them a simpler and more flexible way to bring commonality and efficiency to wherever workloads run,” Fredericks says, adding that a multicloud-by-design approach helps an organization standardize operations, which improves reliability and compliance posture and can drive down total cost of ownership and operations.

DISCOVER: Dell Technologies helps healthcare organizations achieve multicloud agility.

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