Moccamaster KM5 coffee grinder review: consistency is key

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For those times that a cup of instant coffee just won’t cut it, coffee grinders can help elevate your at-home caffeine hit. However, if you’ve discovered that your affordable little grinder isn’t up to the job, then this Moccamaster model might just be the answer.

The Moccamaster KM5 coffee grinder offers far greater control over the quality of your morning brew. Hailing from the Netherlands, Technivorm’s Moccamaster line of coffee-related gadgets have been going from strength to strength – at the time of writing, the Moccamaster KGBV Select tops the list of our pick of the best drip coffee machines. Now, the latest addition to its lineup is the KM5 burr grinder, and it’s an absolute delight – albeit an expensive one.

Retailing at $339 / £279 / AU$525, the KM5 comes with a measuring spoon, glass measurer and two lids (one for storage, one for grinding), and is available in three colors: black, silver and white. As mentioned, it’s expensive; nevertheless, for the price you’re getting a very sophisticated and well-designed gadget, so I’d say it offers good enough value for money. Not to mention, the quality of the results will really make the best coffee makers sing. All of the parts making up the grinder are repairable and available to buy separately, which is great news when it comes to sustainability. 

Moccamaster KM5 grinder

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The KM5 is fairly tall yet compact at 8.3 x 5 x 12.75 inches / 21.08 x 12.7 x 32.39cm, and it weighs 4.5kg as a result of its premium build materials and array of features.

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