Iveda teams up with AOI on ‘5th-gen’ smart cities

Iveda has teamed up with the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) to catalyse the development of smart cities in Egypt and the EMEA region.

Iveda possesses a security certification granted by the Egyptian Military Intelligence, allowing it to participate in pivotal projects within the country.

The partnership between Iveda and the AOI aligns with the Egyptian government’s plan to establish 38 new smart cities across the nation. Notably, this initiative is part of the broader infrastructure strategy spearheaded by the Sisi administration.

David Ly, CEO and founder of Iveda, said:

“At Iveda, we know the best way to support the multitude of devices and sensors needed to achieve true smart city status is through 5G networks.

Through our partnership with AOI, we’re able to provide AI-backed technology that has the power to improve services and the overall quality of life for Egypt’s residents. 

We look forward to the potential to scale with AOI across the EMEA region, making 5G smart city technology available and accessible to residents throughout these countries.”

As cities increasingly grapple with issues related to population growth and resource allocation, smart city technologies fueled by 5G networks are emerging as transformative solutions. The partnership between Iveda and AOI is primed to harness this potential, bringing AI-backed technology to bear on the development of Egypt’s smart cities and, subsequently, the greater EMEA region.

Major General Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electronics Factory, on behalf of Major General Mukhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman of AOI, commented:

“Throughout the EMEA region, we’re seeing a rapidly increasing demand for innovation that may be applied directly to the development of smart cities and other government initiatives.

While AOI has the regional reach and expertise, we require a trusted partner to provide the technological prowess and are honoured to have Iveda take on that role. 

The company’s expertise in digital transformation and city infrastructure aligns perfectly with our goals and plans to scale 5th-generation smart cities in Egypt and beyond.”

In addition to fostering advancements in smart cities, the partnership aims to localise Iveda’s technology for efficient production and delivery throughout the EMEA region.

This latest partnership joins a roster of Iveda’s recent collaborations, including with Valor Healthcare, Movement Interactive, Evergreen Aviation, and NetGain Systems. These partnerships collectively underscore Iveda’s commitment to democratising advanced AI and IoT technology for local governments and organisations worldwide.

(Photo by Conny Schneider on Unsplash)

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