HP Omen 16 review: a great mid-ranger held back by some design quirks

HP Omen 16: Two-minute review

Shopping for laptops can be difficult. You have to ask yourself so many questions just so you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Do you want the best laptop out there or do you want something more run-of-the-mill for work? Or maybe you prefer a gaming rig? If you find yourself agonizing over the right laptop, allow me to introduce the HP Omen 16.

It’s a slim, lightweight laptop able to fit snuggly in almost any bag. You can lug it around and hardly know it’s there. I used it as my main computer for everyday work for a few weeks. Typing on the keyboard was quite pleasant since the keys have a nice, springy feel to them and the deep travel distance made it easy on my hands. The touchpad itself sports a smooth, responsive, enjoyably clicky feel. And its large size makes it great for productivity.

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