Eseye and Precision Animal Solutions deploy animal behaviour monitoring

Global IoT connectivity provider Eseye has partnered with Precision Animal Solutions on an animal behaviour monitoring solution to transform farming and agriculture.

The solution will redefine animal welfare management and disease detection. By combining Eseye’s globally acclaimed IoT connectivity solutions with Precision Animal Solution’s cutting-edge Remote Early Disease Identification (REDI) system, the partnership seeks to provide real-time insights into animal behaviour—leading to early disease detection and improved animal wellbeing.

Data collected by the solution is processed using AI and machine learning algorithms, converting it into actionable information for farmers to optimise operations while minimising resource consumption.

Brad White, Veterinarian, Professor at Kansas State University, and partner in Precision Animal Solutions, said:

“What we found through some of our research is if you actually monitor cattle behaviour — daily, hourly — what you find is early in the illness part, they actually spend a lot more time at the herd; they spend a lot more time trying to hide in the group early in the disease process.”

The innovative collaboration addresses a significant challenge in the farming industry, particularly in the cattle sector, where Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) has been a leading cause of economic loss and animal mortality.

With BRD causing estimated annual losses of $1 billion in the US beef industry alone, the stakes are high for finding a solution that improves disease identification and treatment.

The partnership successfully translated this concept into reality through a collaborative effort. Eseye’s expertise in IoT hardware and connectivity combined with Precision Animal’s REDI system led to developing a wireless-enabled bovine tracker.

“We unsuccessfully tried so many other off-the-shelf technologies before we found Eseye. Eseye was able to provide a custom device-first approach to our unique use case, developed after a series of conversations,” added White.

The tracker continuously monitors key behavioural indicators like feeding patterns, social behaviour, and activity levels. The data collected is then transmitted to the cloud via Eseye’s managed connectivity services, enabling remote monitoring and analysis.

Kieran McNamara, GM of North America at Eseye, commented:

“We are thrilled to be at the heart of this ground-breaking technology, bridging the gap between the digital and agricultural worlds, and proactively diagnosing BRD before it’s too late.

By enabling farmers to harness the power of IoT, we aim to revolutionise traditional farming practices, making them more efficient, sustainable, and ultimately more productive.

This strategic partnership highlights Eseye’s commitment to drive technological advancements and foster economic growth within the agricultural sector.”

Results from field trials were promising, showcasing the effectiveness of the solution.

The REDI system demonstrated an impressive 81 percent accuracy rate in identifying diseases compared to human observations, which stood at 64 percent. Upon identifying an animal’s illness, a wireless tracker light indicates the affected cow, facilitating timely quarantine and treatment.

By combining Eseye’s IoT expertise and Precision Animal Solutions’ innovative approach, the partnership aims to drive efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in traditional farming practices. As these cutting-edge solutions continue to evolve, the agricultural sector stands to benefit from technology’s potential to improve animal welfare and economic growth.

(Photo by Daniel Quiceno M on Unsplash)

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