Error’d: Zeroics

This week we have submissions from regulars, and one or two who I did not recognise (zedless in honour of the source of the penultimate paragraph).

Nearly all of us use credit cards regularly, I'm sure, but only The Beast In Black has found one with such an unusual rewards scheme. Remarks friend Beast "If this is Wall Street Math(tm), it's no wonder that the US has a banking crisis." It's more likely to be North Dakota math.



An anonymous online gamer is stuck on the treadmill of addiction and can't get off. "Such anticipatory counting has to stop: I'm tired of having to start games I've already finished!" he wrote. This is some dark pattern.



Entertainment historian Kevin M. explains the background of this oddity thusly: "When AT&T bought DirecTV, one of their terrible ideas was interstitial ads on the pause screens. They kick in quickly, and they are slow to go away - just one more way they ruined the wonderful interface they took from TiVo. Anyway, more recently the ads are simply for their own content, or are screensavers like this . I had paused during a show (yes, it was Family Guy), and it refused to unpause. When I hit Info, it showed me the URL of the screensaver it was using. And yes, the URL works from anywhere." You can see it here.



Only slightly obsessive, Michael R. rants "My German blood is boiling about the hx3 domain name inconsistency at"



Finally, Tama shares evidence of the continuing struggle that webdevs face with the hardest problem in programming: "Considering that I didn't actually get an answer to my question, I don't find it surprising that the survey asking how they did also manages to have a count-from-zero error."



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