Error’d: Two Blinded Mice

On a hazy evening, bookended by a pair of mouses, we bring you classic examples of the genre.

The first Anon E. Mous with a better trap beat it straight to our door, crowing "I have to admit, 'Add a Catchy Header' is a pretty catchy header."



Nostalgic LAK screeched in square-waves "The single VIC-20 that Blizzard is using as a login server seems overwhelmed. A bit after this it got over 2400."



Gamer Daniel D. might have gamed this one, accusing "Steam app has errored out with 'your browser does not support...' for some random game in its store. Steam, maybe it's time to migrate to Electric?" Or maybe Daniel has some meddleware installed somewhere? Disabled Javascript? What says the peanut gallery?



Valued contributor Marc Würth sent in a sample of a classic test-in-production situation, cheering "Yes, you are, Jason. Whoo!"



And the final entry from Herr Anon E. Maus sagt "Let me check: April, then August, then December...QA is done, sorting Intel Security Advisories by release date works just fine!" Frankly, these bug me the worst.



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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