Error’d: Time For (a cool change)

Without much ado, five minidoozies follow.

If it isn't one thing it's another, for our regular Argle Bargle. "I looked outside. Everything was soggy and I could hear claps of thunder. How long will it last? Click on weather and... um... Fire Weather? I can think of only one way I'm getting a fire going in my backyard right now and it involves a flamethrower." It's better than tornadoes!



In the unending time wars, the U.S. Postal Service has struck a blow in Mouseville. An anonymous character tipped us off, noting "It's pretty impressive that USPS can prepare a shipping label in the future."



Meanwhile, new-nymed unity noticed "Airline schedules have the useful feature of telling you when a flight continues onto the following day or the day after with a +1 day or +2 days notation. Unfortunately, this airline has run into a bit of a rounding error." I recall just enough of my numerical analysis classes 30 years ago to remember that this can happen and you need to be careful about floating point. Which is still one bit more than whoever coded up this thing.



Mindboggled Michael R. wails "In what mathematical universe does this profit make sense?"



And finally, for the last time today, clocks are hard. "Starbucks has a weird pickup time!" discovers a famished Brett , explaining "I was hoping to get my food around midday." Well. Midnight is a kind of a midday, isn't it?



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