Error’d: The Other Washington

This week, anonymous Franz starts us off with a catch-22. "I opened MS Word (first time after reboot) and a dialog box opens that tells me to close a dialog box. This was the only open dialog box... I guess even software makes excuses to be lazy on Fridays."



Sarcastic Laks exclaims "Too much speed!" but declines further wit. "I'll leave that snarky comment up to you this time," he says. Sorry Laks, I'm fresh out.



Google One member Daniel D. flexes "When you happen to be a Google One member, you will see this new top secret MIME type." Only for Google One members.



And speed demon Andreas C. flexes back, humble-bragging that 10Gb/s internet connectivity: "Gee, these powershell modules just gets larger and larger.."

1.3 Terabytes! Not too shabby.



Finally, remote worker Todd R. has uncovered the real root cause of WeWork's fall: poorly targeted direct mail campaigns. "There's a new Washington location, only 2,500 miles away. I'll stay here for now, thanks."



As this one might require a bit of orientation for our far-flung friends, here's a handy map from the US Library of Congress to explain US geography.



That's all for this week, but don't despair. The supply of Error'ds on the web is reliably non-decreasing.

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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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