Error’d: The Chemistry Is Gone

Sometimes the spark just isn't there.

For instance, Eric R. is just not that into Chemical Engineering. "Looks like I'll still be missing your articles, then, huh?"



On the other hand, Bruce R. thinks Microsoft has gone the extra distance to earn his affection. "Windows is really going above and beyond."



Meanwhile, cinephile Brendan is head over heels for Oppy, exclaiming "I went to see Oppenheimer recently and when the movie began, this was what we saw on the screen. I had no idea the engineering challenges faced by the Manhattan Project were so dire." Indeed, and he's lucky he didn't get kicked out for bootlegging their film. I'd call this fair use, though.



But Daniel D.'s affections aren't limited by old Einstein's boring cosmology. "Madeta is a milk producer. Their website offers a feature to search for shops selling their products. Just enter your city. Or maybe you're planning a little time travel to pre-war and post-war Czechoslovakia?"



Alas, wounded Pieter rages "Countries are messy, but the dev who put in this list risks getting his hands chopped off. This is my highbrow banking website, when doing an international money transfer, showing (among other bad translations) countries as Afars et Issas (Djibouti since 1977), Kampuchea (Cambodia's name under Khmer rule), and British West Indies. Chilling." Hey, now I know how to pay for that milk in pre-war Czechoslovakia!



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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