Error’d: Swordfish

Despite literally predating paper, passcodes and secret handshakes continue to perplex programmers, actors, and artists alike.

For our first example, auteur Andy stages a spare play in three acts.
Nagg: Hello I'm not the account owner and shouldn't be logged in to this account. Can you help me?
Nell: Sure, here are the owner's credit card details. Please use those to say that you are the account owner.



Fellow arts enthusiast Paul shares some Surrealism "snatched from the official Greek government site for emergency communications."



Web comics fan Geoff G. alludes to a classic (we all know which one) with his "Now I have two problems..."



While an anonymous gourmand mumbles, mouth full, "Unicode Tofu is my secrets ingredient!"



And oldworlder Jan declares this bit of user experience needs no words. "Who needs a description when you have clear symbols?" It's like a watercolor about a novel.



Finally, Dima R. brings down the curtain with this little mind blower. Quoth he: "It's secured by shibboleths." Or encrapted by wishes.



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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