Error’d: Some Like It Hot

Admittedly, this holiday season is culturally dominated by the Anglo-American tradition of a wintertime Christmas. Currier & Ives notwithstanding, most of the various holidays obviously originated in some summer event, or else a harvest one. For these hot holidays, our mate Peter starts things off with a very warm greeting from down under. Following that are a few of my favorite stocking stuffers, until Peter's antipodal ally Michael closes everything out with an appeal to warm the heart but not blister the sole.

Aussie Peter G. mutters weakly "I think this warning is bit superfluous (for the non-metric, that's 550 degrees F)."



Regular contributor Pascal comes in strong with a caroling round.



Echoing Pascal's refrain, Mike S. chimes "So does this mean the error has an error which has an error?"



While sadly demoralized Daniel simply moans "This was attempt number three. I have since given up trying to change my address. Or determine the existence or otherwise of the error. Or anything else."



But be of good cheer, Daniel. A year ago, belated reveler Michael R. brought us a story from the UK about Xmas Jumper Day. He'd missed his opportunity but found an intriguing Err. Apparently, there were more submissions that week, or funnier ones, or the stars were not aligned appropriately, and we didn't run his entry at that time. But imagine my surprise when reviewing past submissions to realise that today is Jumper Day! So with that synchronicity, here is what Michael left under our 2020 tree, and a rare earnest moment.


Unfortunately, it's too late for you to sign up to raise funds now and to participate in all the joy that extroverts undoubtedly derive from dressing up in ugly outfits, but if you want to check out what Jumper Day really is and support a worthy cause, you can start here.

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