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Dashing off a quick submission, the self-styled The Beast in Back quips "Breaking Ubuntu's snap is apparently a snap. It's quite a dashed annoyance, actually, since it dies if you precede any argument string with dashes. Go figure."



SOL Brian R. bemoans "Want to know how to use 'out of luck' in a sentence? Sorry, guess you are, um, out of luck."



Fiddler Máté messages "Another one from the good ol' days of Windows XP and writable CDs: can you count the number of different languages in this dialog box?" This AI doesn't know why the image below features a flaming ruin, or what it has to do with any missing river. Please help.



Fire-loving Rafa de la Torre confounds the editors with this poser. "While doing a quiz in a Prometheus course, I got this question and had to stop to ponder if I should start responding with 'exporter' to yes/no questions."



But innovative thinker Totty falls upon on a solution. "Is there a third option? Maybe ____?" Try "exporter", Totty.



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