Error’d: Smorgasbröd

This week we have a veritable grab-bag of all the most common sorts of website errors: the NaN, the null, the undefined, the bad text substitution and the wonky date math. Honestly, they're getting tedious. Somebody should build a tool to help developers scrub their code of impurities and dross. They could call it something catchy like, I dunno, purifier or lintbrush.

Timely Todd R. tells us "I left a window open in Workday for too long, and like a lot of other apps it threatened to log me out. I just wish I knew when that was..."



Foxy Foo A. yips "So often you post about undefined stuff, so can you please help me find Firefox undefined (or later, preferably)?" Readers? Can you help Foo find out?



Deviant Daniel digs nuisance nulls, exclaiming "I can’t wait to replace my car with a !".



Ambivalent Joat wavers "Even if I had wanted to add my comment about my recent experience, neither of the links was active (Share my experience or No thanks)."



Superlative Zach gloats "I wanted to check how much my subscription will cost to renew. Now I know :)". That's good for you, Zach, but we still don't. Is that $100 minus A WHOLE LOT, or $100 minus a trifling amount? And also, isn't Paramount Plus Premium doubly redundant? How can anything be more than paramount? It's all too much for me.


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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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