Error’d: Sick Day

How much longer will we endure wave after wave of novel coronaviruses? One school of thought holds that omicron or its immediate successor will soon burn its way through the human population and render everyone immune. So here is our entire stash of covid-related submissions before they get old, stale, and boring.

Lonely Tim looking for love in all the wrong places, wails "I don't even count as a friend?"



Canadian Jon reports on something good that has come out of BC recently: "BC has a lengthy identity verification process to access your vaccine record -- glad to see they got it right."



But Yes_I_Am_Vaxed_Thanks is unhappy with the NM solution to the same problem. "I feel so secure knowing the New Mexico state vaccine site has two-factor authentication... Hey, wait a minute!" I don't see an obvious WTF here, presuming that the SMS or email address were provided by the vaccinee at the time of service. What say you?



Intermittent poster Stuart Longland lands two submissions in the covid category. It must be a theme. First a rant: "How the hell are we supposed to know we were at a location on "Invalid Date"? Sure, I can answer that; haven't been in the ACT in years, but others? Not so clear."



Followed by a more measured musing (again from Stuart) "Apparently the ABC has the power to delete patients. Not sure this is a good idea."



Be well, mask and vax appropriately, and with any luck we'll be through this soon. In the words of a great Dane, "tis a consummation devoutly to be wished."

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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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