Error’d: Short Films

Frequent flier Carlos quickly quipped "I’m waiting for my plane to take off from Washington-Dulles to Chicago-Midway. Just enough time to watch Innerspace."



Job-hunting Michael R. notes "An old games dev friend of mine lives in Malta. I wish I had moved there in July 2021." That's some inflation!



Sportsball fan Adam R. cheers "A frist post by Sports Illustrated!!"



Pedantic Dave L. quibbles with grammar. "Yes, Adobe, I strongly agree: you definitely did do!" Error'd is certainly the place for pedantry; we won't shun anyone for that.



But for the most vapid NPS feedback prompt, Gearhead 's entry takes the cake. The driest, blandest, stale cake. Says he, unequivocally: "Neutral. I'm definitely neutral."



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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