Error’d: Pure Poetry

Abandoning alliteration, the column this week is experimenting with consonance. Next week, perhaps we'll see how everyone feels about assonance.

Job-hunter Despreately Looking for Internship shared this job posting, writing "AMD Job Lsiting forgot to add in the deatils". Seems like a pretty easy job to perform; Mx. Des should apply.



Rosti fan Stefan Pletosu (and who isn't?) uncovers a subtler substitution error that Mx. Despreately missed. "Why would they call me a lead? I'm just a junior" he humbly demurs.



Dislocated Lincoln figures "Someone needs to go back to school and study maths."



Nanoscale philanthropist Adam R. references my favorite derived unit in this headscratcher. "I made a $50 donation plus fees, and in fact that's what my credit card was charged, but my PayPal activity statement seems to think I only made a 5 millicent donation."



Time Lord Daniel D. conjured up this Slovakian incantation, explaining: "Large office supply chain says this product will be delivered between September 9, 2021 and February 8, 2023. I choose the 2021 and hope it will just materialize in front of me on pressing the Confirm order button."



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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