Error’d: pop

Alas, I have only the following five submissions to share, as my controversy generator is on the Fritz today.

Ex post autumnal Adam R. warmly reflects "I'm not quite sure how the math works out here, but I'm apparently a one-percenter in the home energy savings department."



Unfamous Ross wonders

"So do I want my language to be English, or do I want to install something to show in English instead?"



Trustworthy and fully-named Joshua Herzig-Marx is buying a bundle of sweatpants. It's winter in his nabe, too. "For some reason, Amazon needs to create this weird digital download in order to sell me a two-pack of sweatpants. Don't worry, if you download it - it's not a virus! For real!"



'nother Northerner Joerg S. explains the wtferry below thusly: "Microsoft uses machine translation on Bing to the extreme. The harmless Tangens function (tan on your calculator button) became 'Gelbbraun' in the translation to German. Of course, 'Gelbbraun' is the correct translation for the color 'tan'. But why would a calculator button be labeled with the name of a color? I reported this error with the bing feedback function a few weeks ago, but maybe I used the wrong font color?



Classics fan Dave P. replays an old tune. "Let's see. I can buy the MP3s for this album for $24.99. Or I can buy the MP3s for $24.99, and you'll pay me $13.11 for the privilege of shipping the physical CD to me." Sure, Dave, or there's another option for even a few bucks cheaper.



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