Error’d: Persnickety Sticklers Redux

This week's installation of Error'd includes a few submissions which honestly don't seem all that WTFy. In particular, this first one from the unsurnamed Steve. I've included it solely so I can pedantically proclaim "24 is not between 1 and 24!" There is still a wtf here though. What is with this error message?

Insufficiently pedantic Steve humorlessly grumbles "Configuring data pruning on our Mirth Integration Engine. Mirth can do many things, just can't count up to 24."



Appalachian Eric insists "Even the fussiest accountant doesn't need to be that precise."



Critic Bruce C. comments "I wonder what fancy lawyer came up with this agreement." To be fair, this doesn't seem at all unreasonable to me. Readers, what say you?



Little lost Lincoln KC searches for directions: "All this time I thought I was on YouTube."



Finally, foodie Bruce W. declares "My smart refrigerator has a unique perspective on lunch." I'll say. At my house, we call that dinner.



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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