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One of this week's entries is the type that drives me buggy. Guess which one.

Regular contributor Pascal splains this shopping saga: "Amazon now requires anti-virus software to have an EPA Registration number."



Survey subject Stephen Crocker poses his own research question. "Do they mean click 'Continue' to continue or click 'Continue' to next?" We may never know.



Cartomanic Mike S. thought he'd found a strange new land but it's just the country formerly known as B*****m, rebranding.
"Usually I keep the live downlink TV from the International Space Station, and generally familiar with most of the countries it goes over but this is a new one by me."



An anonymous email address starting with r2d2 bleeped "This website was clearly written specifically for self-loathing bots." Yes, Marvin, we see you. Come in.



For our final number, singer Peter G. sounds off. "Great, just great. I ordered a graphic equaliser and instead they've sent me an amp amp amp amp amp."



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