Error’d: Or Else

This week I read an article which asserted that the AI singularity is still several years away. Maybe they should wait until then before they start threatening us?

The first of the last of the humans, Greg took the time to wonder about the meaning of this warning. Or is it a threat? "One of our in-house web applications implements an automatic logout, but also lets you get a warning when you have a few minutes left before it does this. Their warning leaves me a bit puzzled, though, since it seems to imply that it's a manual session timeout, and perhaps if I don't close the session in 5 minutes, I'll stay logged in? Or will the world just end?" Run, Greg. Run.



Literate Totty invokes Heller, calling this a Google-22. "I'm sure Captain Yosarian would sympathize with my attempt to quit Google AdSense" I'd be crazy to disagree.



Speedy Stewart snickered "Apparently Waze thought we were driving at over 400mph down the English M1 motorway (highway). If only. Would have stopped us being late."



Anterogradian Andreas averred "My DSL line will be up in two weeks. Can't wait!" Or else it has been down for the last two weeks.



Finally this week, a testy testee attested anonymously "Pressing either the ' Test ' or 'Test' buttons does nothing. Does this mean I failed?" I'm afraid you're going to need to repeat the survey.



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