Error’d: My Stars

BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is a project to support public distributed computation, in service of efforts like SETI@Home. Our reader Hans K. has a few grievances to share.

First, Hans complained "I'm trying to add a BOINC project. Yes, I understand the conditions, just not which radiobutton I should choose. Although, with this one the next button is disabled, so I guess it's the other."



Having hurdled that obstacle, Hans ran into another roadblock "OK, I successfully added a BOINC project, but now how to finish this as instructed? The finish button is disabled!" We hope Hans handled it, it would be a shame to miss ET's message on account of a dodgy package."



Here on Earth, Unai U. has recorded a temporal improbability. "Today I managed to stand up for 25 hours. I think it is a new Guinness record, at least in Earth." This should only be possible in November.



Cole T. loves his new Product Name five stars worth, and just wanted to shared the screenshot of his review.



Finally, amateur historian Ian H. doing a bit of online research, found he's been out of touch for some very significant geopolitical events. Alarmed, he squawked "On a whim, I asked Google for a few names of old countries. I think I missed some important news!" Yes, about that...



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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