Error’d: Crowneisseurship

Never let it be said that we at TDWTF don't enjoy the taste of our own medicine. Andrew I. shares with us a little taste of his own crow, and then we share with you a little taste of Remy's. It's not quite a full meal, but you can call it an amuse bouche.

But first, Sam B. serves up some sure fled pie. "This Brexit business is getting out of hand. Lenovo says even the United Kingdom has left the UK."



And Kevin G. found Newsweek has birthed a novelty: "It's a brand-new Date in August!"



Super Saver Michael B. seems to be doing it wrong, but it's not his fault. "If only I could renew without the discount..." he rues.



Proud Andrew I. poses "My next question is: will November 24th be listed as President's Day, or are they stuck on New Year's Day?"



And shortly thereafter a humble Andrew I. wrote us back, regretting "My snarky comment SHOULD HAVE BEEN: My next question is whether November 24th will show as MLK Day, or if it will be New Year's Day again. Seriously. I had an off-by-one-holiday bug." It's OK, Andrew, it happens to the best of us.

Finally, as promised, keen Klaus cruelly crowed "Just an example of your markdown parser taking a stab at a typo :)" But our feelings aren't hurt, are they, Remy? Remy?



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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