Error’d: All Wet

Today JP wrote in to proudly unsmirch the Finnish reputation. "Some time ago, you blamed the Finns for strange patterns on Valts's weather map. I am delighted to report that the *real* culprit is revealed when carefully examining the Finnish Meteorological Institute's weather map of the whole of Europe." I stand corrected, JP.



Disordered Warren B. demands "Can someone explain to me the sorting logic that Redgate SQL Compare used to sort these table names? Note that most databases ignore case in table names."



His Majesty's Loyal(?) Subject Neil T. gloats "I can't wait to join 0 other households in earning £0 every quarter." We're gonna be so rich!!



Particular Daniel D. has got a peeve for us. "GoDaddy have been sending these emails forever, but this miswording always hits me. This must affect millions of customers, where they need to stop and think. And as Steve Krug says: Don't make me think. Conditions in email templates have been around like... forever?!"
Apparently, Daniel is annoyed by GoDaddy's use of the phrase "up for renewal" to described domain registrations that are merely eligible for renewal but are not actually scheduled for renewal. I get it, Daniel. I'm still mad about all the ways people abuse the word "server".



Clive P. is hot and bothered about his thermostat. "Not a web problem for once, but I'm worried about the in-home display unit connected to my new smart meter. Firstly it's mains-powered so why bother to show a message saying supply disconnected - if you can see it on the screen then the electricity must be connected. And second my gas consumption appears to be over 500 megawatts at present. It's different every day: sometimes above a gigawatt. A sanity check in the firmware would have been a nice touch - or even better not to use an uninitialized variable. Our supplier is Electricite de France (EDF) by the way, so perhaps something got lost in translation."
I'm American, so of course we still use British Thermal Units to measure gas. I guess Watts of gas must be a metric thing.



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