Distec Partners with LG Electronics to enhance healthcare range

Distec will be adding medical displays from LG Electronics UK to its medical technology portfolio. The medical displays from LG Electronics UK are a range of surgical and clinical monitors, designed to offer the best in class within a medical environment.

The healthcare technology sector is one of the fastest moving sections of the technology industry. Distec already partner with some leading specialists in healthcare technology and delivers a range of products including medical grade PCs and medical grade monitors.

LG Electronics UK has developed these monitors for the healthcare industry, with durable, dustproof and water resistance technology. 

Andy Byrne, sales and operations manager at Distec said: “The partnership between Distec and LG Electronics UK will enhance the quality of care for patients in the NHS. We hope to do this by providing healthcare professionals with the best technology in order to provide the best care to their patients.” 

Philip Mitchell, channel manager at LG Electronics, added: “LG Electronics UK is committed to manufacturing the latest technology for the healthcare market. This new partnership with Distec will ensure that we are connecting with the professionals in the healthcare sector that need our solutions the most and facilitate our growth in the UK market.”

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.

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