Devon Partnership NHS Trust in partnership for mental health issues

A new partnership has been launched for Devon Partnership NHS Trust, which will see residents in Devon who are living with mental health issues gain access to a mental health assessment tool to help them access the care they need.

Alongside Livewell Southwest Community Interest Company, Devon Integrated Commissioning Board, Devon Primary Care Services and mental health-tech company Psyomics, Devon Partnership NHS Trust has introduced Censeo, a digital mental health assessment tool.

The tool will enable Devon-based individuals to receive a digital assessment of their mental health needs quickly, allowing clinicians to make better decisions quickly and accelerate access to care in critical cases.

Rafael Sorribas, chief information officer at Devon Partnership NHS Trust, said: “Censeo offers people the chance to tell us about themselves and their mental health in a simple, accessible way. People can provide the information at a time that suits without feeling any pressure. This gives clinicians a really helpful and full picture of the person’s understanding and experience, allowing a quick initial assessment to be made.”

The digital assessment will evaluate mental well-being, highlighting potential areas of concern and helping improve access to appropriate care and support.

Demand for mental health services in the UK has rocketed in recent years, and in rural areas, such as Devon where 58% of the population lives rurally, mental health support can be particularly difficult to access.

Psyomics’ platform allows adults to complete an online assessment at a time that suits them. As a result, their GP or local mental health service will gain significant insights into the patient’s mental wellbeing.

Psyomics CEO and consultant clinical psychologist Dr Melinda Rees, said: “Mental health is a critical component of overall health and wellbeing, yet many people in rural areas struggle to access the care they need.

“We believe that technology can play a crucial role in bridging the gap in mental health services in rural areas, and we are working with Devon NHS to make this vision a reality.”

Psyomics has previously partnered with Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust to boost adult mental health services through the deployment of Censeo.

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