BeneTalk crowdfunds for digital therapy for people who stutter

BeneTalk, a speech therapy company, has launched a public crowdfunding campaign to help fund its digital on-demand therapy solution to support people who stutter and their families.

The company is aimed to raise £800,000 in funding, with £640,000 already raised in non-dilutive grants from Innovate UK. With £160,000 left to go, the company is crowdfunding through Seedrs.

The funds raised will be used to accelerate the development of BeneTalk’s proprietary digital on-demand therapy, which enables people who stutter and their families to access high-quality, evidence-based support whenever it is needed. In addition, the company will be allocating some of the money to research and clinical trials.

To date, there are two products in the BeneTalk portfolio, with a third app soon to be launched.

BeneTalk acts like a fitness tracker by encouraging the regular practice of speech and providing progress updates. The speech tracker, will develop into a goal-based programme that works alongside speech and language therapy.

The Penguin app is designed for parents and carers to help them support children who stutter. It provides users with the tools needed to help children communicate confidently, with a 10-day course that can be worked through in their own time. The digital solution is currently being used in five NHS trusts.

The yet-to-be-launched third app is called SuperPenguin. This is a personalised, goal-based therapy plan for parents and carers who are supporting children who stutter. It will provide practical advice on how to manage different scenarios, with behavioural guidance to nurture children’s confidence and suggestions on creating an open, transparent dialogue around stuttering.

Jordi Fernandez, CEO and founder of BeneTalk, said: “We are thrilled to embark on this crowdfunding journey to bring our digital on-demand therapy to those in need. I know firsthand the very personal difficulties associated with stuttering as a child, and I am driven to help others overcome these obstacles and live fuller lives.

“At BeneTalk, we firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to communicate with confidence, and our innovative therapy provides a comprehensive and accessible solution for individuals and families seeking support.”

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