Asus RoG Rapture GT6 review

Asus RoG Rapture GT6: Two-minute review

There are quite a few high-speed routers that are designed specifically for gamers who need lightning-fast response times for their online action, but there aren’t many options on the best mesh Wi-Fi system lists that are able to combine top-of-the-range gaming performance with the wide coverage area required for larger homes.

The Asus RoG Rapture GT6, which is part of the manufacturer’s Republic Of Gamers (RoG) specialist brand, isn’t the first such mesh system that I’ve come across, but it’s certainly the fastest, providing tri-band Wi-Fi 6 with a top-speed of 10Gbps that should satisfy even the most demanding gamers. 

The mesh network features of the two-pack system that I reviewed here should also be able to cover large homes of up to 5,800 sq.ft in size (or six or more bedrooms, according to Asus). And, if you need the best gaming router that will meet your lofty coverage needs, it’s hard to beat.

Asus RoG Rapture GT6 on a wooden table

(Image credit: Future)

The Asus RoG Rapture GT6 certainly doesn’t look like a conventional router – in fact, the two routers look more like small thermo-nuclear devices waiting for Bruce Willis to come along and disarm them (it’s the blue wire – it’s always the blue wire!). In fact, the sturdy and chunky routers are so solidly-built, they each weigh in at around 0.9kg (1.98lbs) each.

The routers are available in either black or white – although, just for the lolz, Asus sent us one of each – with a sharply angular hexagonal shape, and an assortment of garish logos and slogans carved into the plastic panelling that exhort you to annihilate your online enemies with extreme prejudice. 

Asus RoG Rapture GT6 on a wooden table

(Image credit: Future)

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