Amazon Echo Frames (Gen 3) review: Good looks, sound, and intelligence but I want more

Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) review

Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) from the back (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Wearable technology rides a fine line between utility and aesthetic pleasure. There’s no question the small device can accomplish myriad tasks but if it looks bizarre on your body, it’s destined for the trash heap. That’s probably why I like Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen), the wearable smart glasses that by not trying to do too much don’t overwhelm the essential glasses-ness of the frames.

Amazon Echo Frames 3rd generation shows how Amazon’s years of effort in crafting and fine-tuning the smart glasses design has paid off. From the front these look almost like regular (maybe slightly oversized) glasses. Even from the side, it’s hard to tell that I’m wearing a smart companion on my face.

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