Food+Tech Connect The Ozempic Effect, How to Make Groceries Affordable Again + More

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Every week we track the business, tech and investment trends in CPG, retail, restaurants, agriculture, cooking and health, so you don’t have to. Here are some of this week’s top headlines.

The rise of weight-loss drugs like Ozempic is causing ripples throughout the food industry, with nearly 7% of the population expected to use such medications by 2035, potentially transforming the way we approach nutrition. Big food companies and investors are watching as these drugs upend America’s diet industry. Meanwhile, soaring food prices, up over 30% since 2019, are threatening to disrupt the grocery industry, raising questions about how to make groceries more affordable amidst inflation concerns.

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Big food companies and investors are watching as Ozempic and other similar weight-loss drugs flow to millions of people, upending America’s diet industry. Nearly 7% of the population is projected to be on weight-loss drugs in 2035.


Inflation has cooled but food is over 30% more expensive than it was in 2019. High food prices could mean big changes are coming to the grocery industry.


With a vast network of over 2k global experts at its disposal, this service aims to reshape how industry stakeholders navigate the ever-evolving landscape of alternative protein production.


The early-stage fund plans to invest in startups aiming to not simply reduce carbon emissions but restore damaged ecosystems.


Ben Leventhal says Blackbird will give many independent restaurants the means to identify and reward regulars for the first time. The startup has raised $24m to fuel its expansion to SF and LA.


Ozempic, Oprah and apologies: WeightWatchers says there’s no shame in being overweight, or in taking new weight-loss drugs.


The hard kombucha brewer is exploring a sale that could value it at over $100m. The brand expects to generate around $40m of revenue in 2023.


Experienced foragers worry that the new wave of guides produced by artificial intelligence provide misleading—even dangerous—information to novices, and lack details on how to harvest in an ecologically responsible way.


Despite the company’s friendly image, employees say it’s using union-busting tactics one might see at Amazon or Starbucks.


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