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Fintech Review still has the same mission as when it launched in January 2020. What continues to guide us is this strong desire to understand what is going in fintech around the world. Share our views on what is shaping finance today and what will happen tomorrow. It also means bringing everybody with us in this journey. From the people just discovering the space to the industry veterans. That is why we are launching the Fintech 101 Series.

How do we continue delivering on this mission?

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Introducing the Fintech 101 Series with its first chapter: “Fintech 101 Introduction“, a crash course crafted meticulously for beginners

There is a huge amount of information out there. That is what is great and terrible about the internet. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Be it to get started learning about fintech or deep dive into a specific area like blockchain application in financial services. There is also a fair amount of online courses on fintech. A few are great and some are simply awful.

Fintech Review stands out as an independent online media platform uniquely positioned at the crossroads of finance, technology, business, and economics. That is where the magic really happens.

Our commitment to bringing insightful, thought-provoking, and in-depth analysis on fintech trends is unique. That includes sometimes calling a spade a spade. That is the beauty of an independent media platform.

Hence, when we announce an online course, it’s bound to be an ambitious project packed with invaluable insights and knowledge.

What is Fintech 101 Introduction?

As with most things, it is always better to start from the beginning. Therefore, before diving into more specific areas of fintech – and you bet we will – it made sense to start with a general introduction. That is what Fintech 101 Introduction is: a crash course for fintech beginners that want to quickly understand what the fuss is all about.

Fintech 101 Introduction isn’t just another course, it’s the beginning of a wondeful journey. The journey into the fascinating world of fintech. In a concise format, we go from understanding the fundamental significance of fintech in today’s dynamic financial services industry to delving deeper into its transformative potential. From the groundbreaking blockchain to the marvels of artificial intelligence. The realm of fintech is vast, with many different kings and queens. Empires and fiefdoms. As you explore, a compass is particularly helpful.

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Still the same Fintech Review mission to demystify the jargon. The fintech sector, like many tech-dominated domains, is rife with buzzwords. Not even mentioning Community Adjusted EBITDA.

However, understanding the substance behind these terms is what truly matters. Fintech 101 Introduction pledges not just to introduce these terms but to elucidate the why and how behind them. So, if you’ve ever scratched your head wondering how blockchain is more than just cryptocurrencies or how AI is revolutionising investment management, this course will start to shed light on those curiosities.

Fintech is always changing, so it’s important to stay updated on current trends and prepare for the future. This course helps you do just that.

The beauty of Fintech 101 Introduction lies in its inclusivity. Whether you’re someone who’s merely intrigued by fintech, someone looking to break into a fintech career, or a professional aiming to refine your skills and know-how, this course might interest you. Your level of prior knowledge (or lack thereof) doesn’t matter. All you need is the curiosity to learn: Isn’t what you need in life more generally to succeed?

We are just getting started…

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This is only the beginning. If Fintech Review were to start something, it had to be an ambitious project packed with invaluable insights and knowledge.

Fintech 101 Introduction is the base on which anybody can build a better understanding of the fintech industry. The first LEGO building block to be able to build a big house of knowledge about innovation and disruption in financial services.

There are already a few more chapters in the Fintech 101 Series in the making. From blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to AI applications in financial services, including new fintech business models and business strategy for fintech founders. Watch this space!

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