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With 930 million members on LinkedIn, your company page isn’t just a place to post pictures from the company picnic. It is also your virtual handshake to a global audience. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression and succinctly convey the essence of your company to your target market.

Crafting an impactful company page requires more than just filling in the blanks LinkedIn provides. It needs strategy, too. Each component is a thread in the fabric of your company’s narrative that helps to ensure your Managed Service Provider (MSP) brand doesn’t become just another drop in the ocean. It stands out and helps you build your audience.

How do you ace the LinkedIn company page? Start by making sure you have mastered these 10 essential components:

1. Target the right audience

Keep your target market at the forefront as you draft your LinkedIn company page content. Envision your ideal client, the one you wish all your clients resembled. Tailor your message as if you’re directly addressing that client. If you’re unsure you have the right target market, read How to Choose Your B2B Target Market.

2.  Use your SEO keywords

Social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not mutually exclusive strategies. You want to ensure your social platforms reflect the targeted keywords you’ve established for your website. Don’t overload your content with keywords, though. Keep it natural sounding for best results.

3. Add the correct links

Incorporate a link to your primary website in your LinkedIn About section, guiding visitors straight to your homepage. This showcases your expertise and your unique offerings as an MSP. Be sure to integrate links to your social pages on your main website, ensuring traffic circulates in both directions.

4. Hit the length sweet spot

LinkedIn’s “About Us” section has a 2,000-character limit, which can be challenging to stay within while still covering everything you want to say. Remember that your audience is much less likely to read big chunks of text. Prioritize what defines your MSP. Use concise bullet points, clear headings, and short paragraphs to present your message cleanly and convey essential information. This ensures your message will remain impactful without overwhelming the space or reader.

5. Write a snappy tagline

Craft a concise tagline that encapsulates your company’s mission and values and positions your clients as the heroes of their own stories, with your business guiding them toward success. Ensure it’s brief, memorable, and resonates deeply with the challenges they face and solutions they need from you. Take your time on this one. While it’s a short amount of text, it requires time to craft that perfect tagline.

6. Answer the key question

Every visitor to your LinkedIn company page comes with a central question in their mind: “Why should I connect with this company?” It’s essential to provide a clear, compelling answer before they can even ask. While you may feel like you’re just another MSP, you are not. Whether it’s the unique value you offer, the problems you solve, or the trustworthiness of your brand, make sure this central reason stands out in your “About Us” section.

7. Display a professional company logo

Your company logo is the immediate visual representation of your brand on your LinkedIn page. It’s essential to use a clear, high-resolution source file. Avoid using photos of the logo or images from branded merchandise, as these can appear distorted or pixelated.

8. Utilize an impactful header photo

The header photo is an opportunity to emphasize the image you want for your MSP. Use it to showcase team photos, happy clients, and top vendors, or incorporate your tagline. It should be dynamic. Consider changing it with the seasons and as you have marketing promotions, events, or special initiatives. This will keep your company page fresh and relevant.

9. Share projects, events or offers

Your LinkedIn page can also spotlight notable projects, events, promotions, or significant happenings through unique graphics, posts, and messaging. While sharing these, avoid being too promotional, as that turns people off. Instead, share posts, memes, and videos focused on the value that’s important to them. These can serve as visual announcements, drawing attention to special highlights or offerings your company has.

10. Prioritize authentic company photos over stock images

Natural, candid shots that capture the essence of your MSP are more valuable than generic stock images. People do business with people. Displaying authentic photos from daily operations to team collaborations and company events offers visitors a genuine glimpse into your company. Yes, it really makes a difference in creating a deeper connection with your audience. Pull out your phone and start snapping!

Turn your LinkedIn company page into a powerful tool

Establishing a presence on LinkedIn is a continuous journey, not just a goal. Each component of your company page contributes to how your MSP is viewed. Take the time to set it up correctly and give your visitors insight into what makes you special.

Want more specifics to help you craft your perfect page?  Watch our recorded webinar: 5 Strategies to Turn Your LinkedIn Company Page Into a Powerful Tool.

Don’t settle for simply having a presence on LinkedIn. Use the free platform as an opportunity to create authentic connections, foster business relationships, and convey your unique narrative.

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