I tried Creative Labs’ next gen solid-state driver earbuds and they surprised me in 3 ways

When you think of solid-state tech, you might think first of computer storage, but you’re going to hear a lot about it in earbuds from now on, as companies look at moving from complicated speaker drivers for the best earbuds to those without all the fiddly parts. 

One company that has been a frontrunner in the race to develop a solid-state speaker driver system is xMEMS, a Californian company founded in 2018 by the former VP of Knowles Corporation, which deals in advanced audio processing.

Now thanks to a partnership with audio brand Creative Labs, the tech has finally found itself in some real earbuds and as we previously wrote is going to change how we listen to sound in a resounding way.

The Creative Labs Aurvana Ace and the Aurvana Ace 2 side by side

The Aurvana Ace and the Aurvana Ace 2 earbuds don’t look any different to regular earbuds. (Image credit: Future)

I got a sneak preview of the exciting new buds at a demo with Creative, and was immediately impressed by the elevated power of the next-generation dual 10mm dynamic drivers. But you’re probably more interested in whether they sounded as good as the best wireless earbuds? 

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