Why Company Values Should be a Top Priority When Looking For a Job

Written by: Aoibhinn Mc Bride

Is the promise of office perks and gym membership schemes enough to attract new employees? Or is it better to invest in a value system that promotes sustainable working practices? Read more…

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Once upon a time, the promise of ping-pong tables, unlimited snacks, on-site gym facilities and branded company swag were enough to lure tech workers away from one employer to another.

But post-pandemic, the popularity of remote working, particularly within the tech community, has meant that workplace culture has taken on new meaning, and workers are now looking for more beyond big paychecks and unlimited perks.

In fact, according to data compiled by the World Economic Forum for its Future of Work report, workers have become more “belief driven” post-pandemic, with 60% admitting that they are no longer willing to work for a company where the ethos or belief system doesn’t match their own.

But what does that look like day to day, particularly in an industry that is innovative and pioneering by nature, and as a consequence, implements change at an accelerated rate where best practice often takes a back seat when everyone is under pressure to deliver?

Trust the process

For employers seeking to stave off resignations and keep their best people in place, investing in a values system that promotes a positive workplace culture and sustainable working practices is key, explains Denise Hayes, chief people officer at DigitalWell, a full-service IT and communications provider.

“You can do all the lofty stuff, but you need to have systems and processes in place,” says Hayes.

“Tech companies move at a very fast pace. Things can change quite quickly, so how can you implement change management and be structured and organized and communicate things effectively when things are going to change and be in transition? You want to make changes and be fast and furious –– but what’s the knock-on effect?

“When we’re implementing change, how do we ensure it’s a good change and look after people? Because that affects the culture –– you can do things right 10 times, but the one time you don’t do things right, it can bring you right back down.”

Collaborating with and supporting employees has been at the heart of DigitalWell’s values framework, something Hayes started working on when she joined in 2021 — the same year the company acquired five of the seven companies it has bought to date.

Authenticity matters too. “One of our values is to be real and we have an authentic leadership approach,” Hayes says. “You’re solving the problems together and nobody has one right answer, but together you can get the best outcome.”

Putting the right systems in place

But how do these values translate into the context of employee experience?

DigitalWell has implemented a practical review system that involves an end-of-year official review, where both parties can sit down and discuss results to date and goals going forward.

However, staff are also encouraged to raise issues outside of a mid-year or yearly schedule so they feel supported, and crucially, involved in the process each step of the way.

“The point of this framework is that everyone should have something they’re working on; we’re all learning. But there’s also an underlying principle that we all own our own destinies, so we all have to be responsible. No manager is going to come to you and say, ‘you need to work on your presentation skills’ — we should be owning it ourselves,” Hayes says.

“A lot of engineers and other techies want to be left alone and be individual contributors, but it’s trying to galvanize [employees] so that everyone knows we’re all in this together, and we have an ecosystem around how we develop.”

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